This is KAWOOM

KAWOOM are table bombs!

Swiss childhood memories typically contain images and sounds of birthday parties and New Year’s Eve’s filled with surprises that flew through the air after a loud BANG!

and rained down to the ground. The “Tischbombe” (literally translated as tablebomb) is a product that was created 

in the 60s and is produced til this day. Based on that concept, we are proud to present KAWOOM, a new adaptation of the tablebomb: a manually filled version full of carefully selected, designed and largely recyclable content produced in Switzerland. After the initial explosion, KAWOOM encourages discovery and play long after the noise fades.


What’s actually inside?

We would not want to spoil the surprise and therefore won’t give you too much information here. With the contents of “Monsterpong” monster eyes should be targeted between the claws of the opponent, with “Tiertumult” young animals will groom themselves for a big party and with “Kultkabinett” you will have to guess who is attending the masked ball of the rich and famous.


Who’s behind KAWOOM 

We, the artist Nica Giuliani and the designer Corina Zuberbühler have wanted to collaborate on a project for a long time as we knew we would have a lot of fun working together. At a children’s birthday party, shortly after the explosion of a tablebomb, the idea for KAWOOM caught fire. 


© 2015 by KAWOOM